Three years of guiding businesses to new digital horizons, simplifying complexities, and crafting a connected future. Each day has been a pixel in the vibrant picture of our shared journey. Big kudos and thanks to our team, our network of partners, and our cherished customers. Together, we’ve woven a tapestry of innovation and progress that’s […]


Whooosh! Yes, another year has just flown by and here we are… celebrating 2 years since we started our journey. We have accomplished a lot during this time and we are even more excited today about our future than we were when we just got started. Full steam ahead, Team Vaken! Here are some messages […]


And just like that, a whole year has flown by since Vaken was launched on June 30, 2020. Our entire team has been 100% focused on our product goals and has worked relentlessly to create a highly advanced low-code application development platform – SOVA. Our journey started at the peak of a global pandemic, and […]