About us

Vaken was founded by two seasoned and very successful entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of delivering customer success with unparalleled consistency in the most challenging of markets and business domains. Over a period of 25 years, they have built and nurtured extremely scalable, sustainable and high-performance teams, which has distinguished them as the most reliable partners for long-term business growth.

Driven by a passionate group of innovators, Vaken is committed to building the most efficient and powerful tools that will enable you to bring your ideas and concepts to reality.

The Founders

Neduncheralathan Chandrasekaran


Innovator, thinker and technical wizard. With more than 25 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience behind him, Cheran is the co-founder and visionary mastermind that drives the products and solutions created by Vaken. Known to be passionate about cutting-edge technologies and establishing processes, He has fine-tuned the science of project execution to an art form.

Natarajan Subramania


Nata is the co-founder and business brain at Vaken. Over more than 25 years, his deep knowledge and understanding of Japan have been key factors that made his past ventures immensely successful. His extraordinary ability to connect with customers and partners has made him one of the most respected and successful Indian entrepreneurs in Japan.

Nata is based in Tokyo, Japan.


India Team


Director (India)

Jayaseelan has over 25 years of multi-domain expertise. In his previous engagements, he has been the backbone of numerous successfully delivered products and solutions. He is proficient in managing diverse teams and making sure that all aspects of project execution are in perfect harmony. His jovial and relatable personality combined with his unwavering commitment to team goals makes him an ideal role model for everyone working with him.


Director (India)

Known by his colleagues to be a “charming” leader, Suresh has over 20 years of experience in managing projects and portfolios. In his previous engagement, he has been a key player in successfully implementing numerous ERP projects in Japan. He is proficient in building strong relationships with customers and leading his team by example. With a liking for functional design, he cherishes the challenge of working in new terrains.


Vice President (India)

Panneer has more than 14 years of experience in various technologies and domains. A quiet person by nature, he is known to be methodical and process oriented in his approach. At Vaken, he is a key driving force in the technical and infrastructural aspects of the company’s technical division.

Manickaraja Dakshinamoorthy

Vice President (India)

With over 17+ years of hands-on experience, Manick has been involved in organizing and motivating project teams. He has been accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success of the projects with the end goal of delivering customer satisfaction. He possesses excellent leadership qualities and his team members know him as a friendly person who encourages new ideas and initiatives.

Selvakumar Ramaswamy

Vice President (India)

Having more than 16 years of experience, Selva has handled many big company projects and has hands-on experience in all leading technologies. He cherishes the role of grooming leaders of the future by guiding them in projects and maintains strong relationships with customers. He is known to possess excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills and focuses on delivering and implementing projects with a high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Global Team

Mallik Aniruddha

Chief Marketing Officer

With more than 20 years of diverse business management experience and his expansive knowledge and understanding of multinational companies across the world, Ani brings a dynamic blend of capabilities to the table. He is known to be a high-energy, creative and very passionate leader with a strong focus on working as one team towards a common goal. He is based in Tokyo, Japan, and in his role as CMO, he heads the company’s global marketing & branding functions, partnerships and community networks.


Manager - Projects (Japan)

Takayoshi has several years of development and project management experience, working on highly complex enterprise systems and solutions. He has worked very closely with team members in India building strong relations with them and managing to find the ideal balance between delivery pressures and team handling. At Vaken, he is responsible for key customer accounts in a project management function.



Technical Advisor

Based in Chennai, India, Vivek is a technologist with a passion for building massively scalable internet businesses by leveraging cutting edge technologies. He has helped architect platforms globally across the US, Europe, India and Japan. Vivek has over 25 years of working experience across the globe and specializes in digital business enablement, B2C platforms and eCommerce implementations. He has worked in the Retail, Consumer Goods sectors and has also successfully run his own gaming startup. He brings his vast experience to Vaken in a technical advisory role.

Suresh Renganathan

Business Advisor

Chief Technology Officer at Teachers Federal Credit Union

(New York, USA)

Suresh is a focused, passionate and strategic leader with 30 years of accomplished experience in the Banking, Financial Services and P&C Insurance industries. He has spearheaded digital transformation by reimagining the customer experience, driving digital adoption and revenue/profits, and engineering campaigns to establish digital experience and engagement. Over the years, he has been a champion in building a culture that supports customer-centric, digital and technology-driven strategic imperatives. Suresh brings his vast global experience to Vaken in a business advisory role.

Narayanan Ananthasayanam

Business Advisor

Global IT Deputy Director/Head Digital IT Transformation at Dufry Management Ltd.

(Basel, Switzerland)

With more than 28 years of cross-domain experience spanning retail, & manufacturing, Narayanan is a distinguished techno-commercial IT business leader. He has an outstanding track record in delivering success in IT strategies, transformation, design & delivery management and implementation of IT applications, data warehouse & digital IT solutions like ERP, Web, Cloud and custom solutions. Narayanan brings his vast global experience to Vaken in a business advisory role.