ISO 27001 & ISO 27017 Certified!

We are happy to announce that Vaken Technologies has successfully secured the ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certifications, marking a pivotal moment in our relentless pursuit of excellence in security and privacy.

Implications for Our Valued Customers:

The attainment of these certifications translates to enhanced confidence for our customers:

Robust Security Protocols: The ISO 27001 certification signifies our commitment to stringent information security management. It ensures that every piece of data and information we handle is safeguarded with the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Superior Cloud Security: Our ISO 27017 certification emphasizes our dedication to cloud security, offering our customers peace of mind knowing that their data within our cloud infrastructure is shielded with international best practices.

But beyond the certifications, it’s essential to understand the real-world benefits for our clients. These accolades mean that our systems and processes have been rigorously tested and proven. They stand as a testament to our capability to protect sensitive information, mitigate potential risks, and respond effectively to security challenges.

A Continuous Commitment:

Achieving these certifications is not a one-time accomplishment for Vaken Technologies. It marks the beginning of a renewed pledge. Security and privacy landscapes are ever-evolving, and we understand the imperative of continuous improvement. These certifications will be maintained, updated, and enhanced as we continually assess and refine our security measures. Our commitment is not just to meet industry standards, but to set them, always staying a step ahead to offer our customers unparalleled security and peace of mind.

To our esteemed clients and partners, your trust has been the cornerstone of this achievement. We assure you that our dedication to upholding and elevating security standards remains unwavering. We invite you to explore our website for a comprehensive understanding of our enhanced security measures and the significance of these certifications.