Whooosh! Yes, another year has just flown by and here we are… celebrating 2 years since we started our journey. We have accomplished a lot during this time and we are even more excited today about our future than we were when we just got started. Full steam ahead, Team Vaken!

Here are some messages from our team members:

We are on a mission to revolutionize the concept of application development, cater to the best interests of global enterprises by simplifying their technical systems, and streamlining their in-house operations and maintenance functions, and reduce their dependency on external development teams. SOVA will put the controls back in the hands of customers because that is the future of application development.
Congratulations Team Vaken! Let’s keep aiming higher and higher!

– Nata & Cheran (Co-Founders)


Henry Ford once said – “Whether you think you can, or think you cannot – you’re right.” All of us who have been a part of Vaken Technology’s journey from day zero, have not just THOUGHT that “we can”… we firmly BELIEVED that “we can” and “we will”.

Over the last two years, as we grew and improved continuously, our accomplishments with the SOVA No-Code Platform have reinforced that belief over and over again. The strongest encouragement has been the amazing feedback we receive from our customers, which keeps pushing us forward, keeps motivating us to break the boundaries of what is possible and deliver on the very purpose of starting this journey in the first place.

It all began with an idea, a dream and the driving enthusiasm of our two founders who had a very clear awareness of what our customers really needed. With every passing day, our team keeps building on that awareness and evolving that into something really extraordinary… something we are all extremely proud of… something that will be a game-changer for our customers. I can confidently say on behalf of our entire team that this is the most exciting and satisfying period of our careers.

Personally, every time I interact with customers, partners and associates about what we are doing, I feel immensely proud and I am filled with loads of positive energy and indomitable optimism. And I know for a fact that the best is yet to come.

As Team Vaken, we will passionately strive to achieve our dreams, become the best product company in the world and create a legacy for generations to come. We are very grateful to our early customers who played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the Platform and we look forward to a long and very successful association with them. Also, thanks to our global partners, as they have enabled us to expand our reach across international borders.

And of course, hearty congratulations to the entire Vaken team. Let’s celebrate this milestone and continue on our adventures together.

Happy birthday, Vaken, and all the best for the road ahead! Cheers!

– Aniruddha Mallik (CMO)